The utmost safety of the guests is a responsibility that our company takes seriously; hence, safety is one of our core values that govern our behavior and actions.

As with organizations that have a fundamental Culture of Safety and Risk Reduction, we at Enchanted Kingdom:

  • Have a genuine care for guests and employees;
  • Think long-term success rather than short-term gains;
  • Will rather prepare and prevent, than repair and repent; and,
  • Never assume and never take short-cuts.

The foundation of our strong Safety Culture rests on the unyielding belief in two absolutes, namely: (1) safety is a pre-condition and not simply a priority, and (2) all incidents are preventable.

ASTM International F-24 Committee on Amusement Ride and Devices

We adhere to ASTM International standards. ASTM International is a global forum for the development of consensus standards. The basic minimum requirements for amusement rides and devices are the ASTM Committee F-24 Standards. In 2012, these standards were adopted as Philippine National Standards for Amusement Rides and Devices by the Bureau of Product Standards (Philippine Department of Trade & Industry). The ASTM F-24 standards cover:

  • Design/Manufacture
  • Testing/Quality Assurance
  • Inspection/Maintenance
  • New Rides/Used Rides
  • Practices/Procedures/Classification
  • Responsibilities of manufacturers, owners, operators and patrons.

In the same light, we deploy only rides and amusement equipment from Europe, Asia and the US regulated by safety standards contained in EN 13.814, DIN 4112, HSG 175 or ASTM F-24. 

Emergency Facilities and Services

Enchanted Kingdom is equipped with the following emergency facilities and services:

  • Ambulance and medical equipment
  • First aid clinic with registered nurses and doctor
  • Certified first aiders
  • Fire truck and firefighting equipment
  • Firefighting and rescue team
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Back-up power generators
  • Park-wide communications and public address system
  • Floodgates and mass exit facilities