Soar & EKsplore

Travel to 20 stunning sights in 6 minutes! From Batanes to Cagayan de Oro!

Be part of a magical flight as AGILA the EKsperience takes you on a thrilling journey across the Philippines’ majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches and incredible islands, right in the comfort of your own seat!

Witness the beauty and appreciate the diversity of our country’s destinations, from a vantage point that only an eagle’s wings can take you AND with the stunning clarity that only its extraordinary eyes can see.

Your ticket to this one-of-a-kind aerial adventure starts here.

An EKstraordinary Attraction

AGILA the EKsperience is the first flying theatre in the Philippines and the largest of its kind in the world! The attraction is not just the ride but every facet of the experience.

The Building

Marvel at the imposing 9-storey, 6,000-square meter glass-encased building that houses AGILA, in itself an iconic addition to the Enchanted Kingdom landscape.

The Pre-Show

Through the chambers, an ancient talking map ushers guests through the Magical Hall of Elements.  There, wizard Eldar welcomes everyone to the Enchanted Forest and reveals his urgent high-flying mission—a task that can only be completed with the help
of his mighty friend AGILA.  

The Theater

In the theater, lift off the ground via moving seats equipped with better than 4DX special effects of wind, water and eagle-like motion. 

The Film

Witness the nature story unfold in stunningly vivid, larger than life aerial cinematography splashed across the enormous 544-square meter screen, and hear a 80-piece Philharmonic Orchestra render magical music that delights the spirit. 

Inspiration and Pride

AGILA the EKsperience is named after our National Bird, the mighty Philippine Eagle.  Learn more about our nation’s enduring symbol of hope, pride and spirit by getting to know the AGILA through this awesome attraction. Created primarily by an all-Filipino team of experts – from conceptualization, to building construction, to animation, to film production, to musical scoring.

Truly a national masterpiece that makes one “proud to be Pinoy”.  Enchanted Kingdom takes pride in the beauty of the Philippines—its destinations, products and people.  AGILA’s souvenir shop PUGAD allows guests to indulge in an array of carefully handcrafted merchandise items that are ALL PHILIPPINE MADE!  AGILA’s flight will make you soar high with pride in being a Filipino.

Making A Difference

Protection and preservation of the Philippine Eagle is fundamental to the story of Agila. Endemic to the Philippines, and with only 400 pairs known to remain in the wild, it has been Declared critically endangered by the International Union on Conservation (IUCN) Through EK’s partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), EK has adopted a male eagle ENCHANTING KAGITINGAN and funds its care and breeding over a 3 year period. 

Environmental awareness is also an integral part of AGILA’s flight, with its story of the magical elements of Water, Earth and Air.  In showcasing the beauty of our archipelago, it makes us see how fragile our environment is and why there is an urgent need to protect it.  AGILA encourages us to take a stand in conserving the Earth and all its resources—the soil we walk on, the water which nourishes our being and the air that gives us life.  Our entire existence and the countless generations after us depend on how we care for, protect and preserve our world, RIGHT NOW.

Founding Partner

GMA NETWORK, INC. is the leading broadcasting company in the Philippines. It operates a network of 47 Very High Frequency (VHF), 33 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) television stations and 24 radio stations throughout the country. The Network was founded by Robert La Rue Stewart in 1950 as Republic Broadcasting System (RBS) with flagship AM radio station DZBB operating from the Calvo Building in Escolta, Manila.

The original meaning of the acronym “GMA” was Greater Manila Area, referring to the initial coverage area of the station. As GMA’s reach widened, the meaning of its acronym was changed to Global Media Arts. Today, its corporate name is simply, GMA Network, Inc. 

GMA also owns a wide array of media-related businesses apart from its television and radio networks including film production, record publishing and distribution, program acquisition and syndication, international channel operation, production design, talent development and management, marketing and promotions, audio-visual production and new media.

Business Partners

  • SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment
    SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment

    SimEx-Iwerks is the world leader in 4-D Experiences™. We create immersive and memorable experiences for millions of guests each year.


    RHETROACTIVE is a global leader in theme parks, museums, retail, food & beverage, hospitality and other location-based entertainment experiences.

  • Philippine Film Studios, Inc.
    Philippine Film Studios, Inc.

    Philippine Film Studios, Inc. is a premium service studio and is capable of organizing multi-location production arrangements.

  • DQA Design and Planning
      DQA Design and Planning

      DQA Inc. is a design and planning firm that offers leading edge professional design solutions from conceptualization, site planning and spatial development strategies through to its implementation phases.

    • Central Digital Lab Inc.
      Central Digital Lab Inc.

      A post production company that specializes in doing advertising spots, visual effects, grading, film, digital cinema projection and film restoration.


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