Experience an exhilarating swing ride on the Flying Fiesta. Guests get the feel of flying as the rotation speed of the fifty-two (52) swing seats increases while a wave motion is created by gradual lifts, drops and tilts. Parent and child will have a thrilling and memorable ride on the tandem seats.

  • Minimum height to ride is 47 inches (119 cm)
  • Guest(s) 39 inches (99 cm) and below 47 inches (119 cm) must be accompanied by a chaperone and on tandem seats only
  • Differently-abled guest(s) must be assisted by companion(s)
  • Guest(s) should be in good health, free from motion sickness and other conditions that may be aggravated by this ride
  • Only 1 guest per seat is allowed
  • Due to the design of the seats and restraints, guests of exceptional build may not be able to ride

NOT recommended for guest(s) with the following conditions:

  • Recent surgery or illness
  • Weak back or neck
  • Weak heart
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Intoxicated, under medication or the influence of drugs