Sulit Tips for EK First Timers

Enchanted Kingdom has been bringing magic to Filipino families for almost 22 years and until now, we are committed in spreading this magic and happiness to everyone. And if you are one of those who haven’t visited the most magical place in the Philippines yet, let Eldar’s apprentices give you sulit tips on how to enjoy  a whole day at the park.

  • Check out and remember the locations of our numerous drinking fountains scattered around the park

Walking around the park and enjoying all the rides can leave you thirsty more often than normal – especially with all the shouting from the EKstremely thrilling rides. We have predicted and prepared for this. To make sure you don’t get dehydrated and continue having fun, several drinking stations are located around the park. Drink water to your heart’s content- it’s FREE! Earth friendly parKAnd if you want to drink something cold and more flavorful, you can choose from a wide array of refreshing drinks at any of the EK food outlets in the park.

  • Buy the Regular Package ticket

You get to enjoy an all day pass to all the attractions at the park (except gated attractions) and a quick but amazing flight around the Philippines via the AGILA; the EKsperience, and you can even save 200 pesos!* Enjoy unlimited use of all rides. So that’s so sulit!

*(compared to buying a separate single ride AGILA ticket and a regular park ticket)

  • Take time to stroll around the park in search of the most delicious and most sulit food at the park
    Food Choices at Enchanted Kingdom

    Food booths, like the Disk-O-Dine near the Disk-O-Magic, abound in the park.

Bringing in of outside food disrupts the magic at the park, but you don’t need to worry about going hungry. There are many food choices around the park and you don’t need to burn a hole through your pockets to satisfy your hunger. Arm yourself with a map and even before you go hungry, walk around the park to look for the perfect food for your budget. Or you can check out THIS LINK before your visit.


  • Keep an eye out and take advantage of EK’s seasonal promos

Eldar and his apprentices often feel generous to first time park goers and regularly offer promos to make the park even more accessible and affordable to the public. Get huge savings on park tickets, that also come with surprise freebies, especially if you visit with your friends or family. Bookmark THIS PAGE for updates.

  • EKsperience the Magic Card

The EKsperience the Magic Card is EK’s loyalty card that allows guests to enjoy a whole year of unlimited park admission. It comes with a membership kit, EKsclusive treats, discounts and more! Know more about this offer HERE!

This offer is so sulit because based on our experience, a day is not enough to enjoy all the attractions at Enchanted Kingdom. This is especially good for first timers, because no matter how many times you screamed at the Space Shuttle, or how many times you left your heart at the top of EKstreme Tower, or how many times you get splashed on at the Rio Grande Rapids, or how many times you felt like you will be thrown away by the Disk-O-Magic only to be pulled back suddenly, each ride leaves you coming back for more. Instead of buying regular package tickets every time you visit, just EKsperience the Magic Card.

  • Have a magical birthday at EK!

Did you know that you can enter the park for free on your birthday? And not just enter the park, you get to enjoy all the rides of course. What can be more sulit than that? Let your first time at EK be the most memorable one. Go with your friends and they get to enjoy the park with you at a 10% discount. That’s what’s more sulit! Celebrate your special day with Eldar but remember the magic lasts only within 6 days of your birthday. So plan your birthday right and let the magic stay with you until your next birthday!

Opening Hours
Sunday11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thursday12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Friday12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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