Remember the magic at 23

"Always remember our love, always remember the magic."

Enchanted Kingdom prides itself as a top destination for wholesome family entertainment. For 2 decades now, it has been making memories with Filipino families, and the vision is to continue doing so.

For its 23rd anniversary this October 2018, the first and only world-class theme park in the country will let you bask in the nostalgia of the magical decade of 1990s, and that includes giving you a bit of the “feels” as we let you remember the magic – the carefree wonder of your youth and the awestruck moments you spent in the theme park with your best friends and most especially, your family. We’re excited to share with you our Anniversary TVC which would definitely tug at the heartstrings. We want to ignite the kid in you once again, and remember the magic – the quality time spent, the moments you created with Enchanted Kingdom, and the ones that you’ll be making too with your loved ones.

Let this short story serve as a reminder that Enchanted Kingdom will continue to make memories with you and your families. After all, the magic lives forever!

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