New Year, New Perspective: Appreciating the Philippines in a Magical Land


We all aspire to have positive changes in our lives. And the New Year somehow brings out this desire in us more strongly, making hashtags like #newyear #newme, #changeforthebetter #foreverforward #fitnessgoals, #squadgoals and all other goals and New Year’s Resolutions hashtags popular during this time of the year.


But in reality, change doesn’t happen overnight, and with our impatient personalities, we end up putting these resolutions on hold, to be remembered again next New Year. It takes a great amount of effort to change a person but instead of saying “New Year, New Me”, why not say, “New Year, New Perspective”? One step at a time. If we start changing our perspective towards life and remain positive, our actions and decisions will follow and we surely can have the positive change we’ve been setting our sights on.


In the same way, we as a nation have been clamoring for change for as long as we can remember. We’ve been praying for an improvement that always seems to be out of reach. But if we really look at ourselves, how much are we willing to change ourselves for our country? Are we willing to change our perspective of the Philippines? Looking at the Philippines in a new light would be a good start in appreciating the country more, and eventually be the agent of change it needs. And Enchanted Kingdom might just be able to help you with that.


In this magical land where Eldar the Wizard roams, a familiar character has been sighted flying around. And we heard that this creature can help bring back and ignite the fire for change in the hearts of Filipinos young and old. What’s more, it can also spread the magic of flight! Peter Pan once said that thinking happy thoughts can make you fly. And EK’s new family member has plenty of happy thoughts about the Philippines for everyone, making these visitors fly on the wings of magic. Friends and apprentices, let us all welcome AGILA.


Appreciating the Philippines

AGILA is Eldar’s newest friend and family member at Enchanted Kingdom. AGILA loves flying and touring the country. Seeing the view from above gives AGILA a different perspective from all of us, and the good news is you can also EKsperience this!

Ride the wings of our friend AGILA and fly over and through 20 of the most beautiful places in the Philippines through AGILA: the EKsperience, the newest and grandest attraction at EK to date. This new ride is guaranteed to leave you breathless with awe and wonder at the multi-sensory presentation of the Philippines. With AGILA’s large wing span and powerful flaps, flying from Batanes to Cagayan de Oro will take you only 6 minutes.

So be prepared to be taken off your feet and fly as AGILA: The EKsperience takes you to greater heights and helps you appreciate the Philippines in the magical land that is Enchanted Kingdom. Parachutes and life jackets not needed, just fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight!



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