Iisang Lahi. Iisang EK.

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On May 23, LAHI Philippines featured EK President and CEO Mario O. Mamon and Chief Operating Officer Cynthia R. Mamon in their “Galing Filipino” segment, where they imparted their stories behind Enchanted Kingdom’s success and challenges, as well as their hope for its future.

LAHI has different segments that highlight the different contributions of artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, workers, heroes, and craftsmen, that lead to the appreciation of the country’s rich culture, history, and heritage. These features range from our nation’s history and values, flavors, destinations, to Filipinos who made a huge impact on the lives of fellow countrymen all in the name of their passion in their respective fields.

Watch the clip to know and see how the Mamons envision EK to be for the future generations and the legacy they wish to leave behind.

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