We also offer other exhilarating attractions that would fuel your imagination. From being a race car driver or a spy for a day to facing forces from outer space or the undead, take your pick!

The Ghostbusters Adventure Live

The Ghostbusters Adventure Live is a spooky, scary and immersive walk-through attraction designed to give a fun startling adventure to see if you have what it takes to become a Ghostbuster. It takes you through the iconic Ghostbusters NYC Firehouse HQ that appears in all three movies, and some fantastic scenes from the latest 2016 Hollywood blockbuster!

  • Location: Portabello
Regular Rate
PhP 100.00
7D Interactive Motion Theater

The 7D Interactive Motion Theater is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It features the new XD Dark Ride, a 7D Interactive Light Gun Motion Ride that offers an incredible multi-sensory interactive adventure, players are equipped with light guns that are used to fight off and defeat on-screen characters, scoring points in the process. It redefines the motion simulation theater category by combining 3D Graphics, state-of-the-art motion technology and 4D Effects with multi-player gaming action.

  • You must be at least 40 inches tall (101 cm) to ride
  • Location: Portabello
Regular RatePWD (Person with Disability)Senior Citizen
PhP 100.00PhP 80.00PhP 71.00
Fun Kart

Be a race car driver for the day in Enchanted Kingdom’s Fun Kart! Drive a go-kart around the theme park’s 800-meter race track with sharp turns and straight stretches

  • Location: Spaceport
1 Seater (10 mins)2 Seater (10 mins)1 Seater (6 mins – Student Promo)
PhP 380.00PhP 470.00PhP 250.00

Xtreme Paintball Philippines (XPP) offers a war simulation arena for guests to enjoy.

  • Location: Spaceport
20 RoundsExtra RoundsTarget Shooting (10 Rounds)
PhP 120.0010 RoundsPhP 60.00PhP 110.00
20 RoundsPhP 105.00
50 RoundsPhP 180.00

XPP Batting Cage offers fun and thrilling baseball experience to guests.

  • Location: Spaceport
Beginner TrackAdvance TrackExpert TrackStudent Rate (2 rounds, Beginner Track)
PhP 250.00PhP 350.00PhP 450.00PhP 120.00
Laser Mission

Laser Mission is an attraction that requires brain and brawn. Your mission is to navigate through a web of lasers until the end of the maze.

  • Location: Spaceport
Regular Rate
PhP 100.00
Boulderville Kiddie Boats

The Boulderville Kiddie Boats ride consists of 20 colorful boats, which run on a 14-inch knee high shallow pool.

  • You must be at least 32 inches (81 cm) to 48 inches (123 cm) to ride
  • Location: Boulderville
Regular Rate (4 mins)
PhP 50.00