You Have the Elements in Your Heart – The AGILA Advocacy

Agila or the Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), also called Haribon  – the king of the birds, our country’s national bird, a symbol of strength, courage, resilience and freedom that aptly resembles our country and its people. It is after this mighty bird that Enchanted Kingdom chose to name our new attraction, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. AGILA:the EKsperience.

Why AGILA? You may ask. Well, aside from the reason stated above, this attraction is so named because riding it would make you soar like an Agila and see the Philippines in a very different and exciting way. AGILA:the EKsperience is the first and only flying theater in the country.  Housed in an iconic 9-storey high, glass encased structure with a 2,000-square meter park footprint, it is the largest single flying theater of its kind in the world. It employs a patented motion-theater technology to simulate the most life-like flight of an eagle, complete with sensations of wind, water, mist, scents and shakers that heighten the realism of flight and complete the magical EKsperience.

The Philippine Eagle is one of the country’s national treasures and source of national pride. It is the largest of all eagles in terms of length and wing surface and considered as one of the most powerful birds in the world. And this majestic bird is only found in the Philippines. How cool and awesome is that? We Filipinos have one of the largest birds in the world! And now, we have the largest flying theater in this part of the world too! Doesn’t it make your heart soar with pride?

AGILA:The EKsperience serves as a symbol of EK’s commitment to foster this sense of national pride.
After flying with AGILA over breathtaking beaches, waterfalls and rivers, and gliding across islands, mountains and volcanoes to see and feel the beauty and diversity of the Philippines, one cannot help but feel a sense of pride and rekindle the burning love for the country.

Sadly, our national bird is also critically endangered. And this is what makes AGILA: the EKsperience more than just an attraction.

AGILA:the EKsperience not only aims to entertain but also to equip you with the ability to find the elements in your heart and heed the call for help of the mighty Agila. Yes, the Agila is in danger, yes, it is calling you and yes, you can make a difference. Absolutely! Awareness is the first step towards change. By being aware of this problem and making more people aware of the plight of these majestic birds, you are taking one important step towards helping them.

The Philippine eagle is crying out for your help in saving their homes, and saving their lives. This may seem too big a task for one person like you, but with the help of AGILA:the EKsperience through EK in partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), anyone can make an impact. Enchanted Kingdom has already started supporting this advocacy by adopting an eaglet which was named Enchanting Kagitingan. And a special Galleria ni Agila is also featured in the park to let people know more about the Agila and the steps PEF are making to protect and preserve their species.

And on top of that, part of the proceeds from the ticket sales of Agila goes to the PEF. So by simply enjoying the sights and sounds of AGILA:the EKsperience, you’ve already done a big feat in helping the Philippine Eagle. “Wow! I can help just by riding and enjoying AGILA the EKsperience?”

Remember, you have the elements in your heart. Look to yourself and ask yourself, how else can I help save the Agila? What can I do, in my own little way, to help restore their homes and prevent it from further destruction? Find these answers and do them. And it would be even better if you’ll share.

And with your help, the Agila can Live On, thru Enchanted Kingdom and in the forests of the Philippines!

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