9 Romantic Spots at Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom is all about providing magical experiences and now that we’re on the month of February, allow us show you how to celebrate the magic of love. To make things easier, we’ve come up with nine romantic spots at Enchanted Kingdom where you can take pictures, take a break, or simply have a lovely time with your date!

#1 The Grand Carousel

Number one on the list would be one of EK’s classic rides! Let the Victorian horses, goddesses, and cherub chariots take you back in time to show how Courtship was done during the Victorian Era.

#2 Swan Lake

It’s definitely a good idea to take a break from the fast-paced excitement of the Park! Sometimes it’s better to take things slow and just enjoy the journey, and the Swan Lake Paddle Boat is just the perfect ride. Grab this opportunity to chill out and spend some quality time with your date!

#3 ‘I Love EK’ sign

This sign can be found beside the Eldar’s Theater. It’s also a picture-perfect place that will definitely up your perfectly curated Instagram feed. And hey, we think it’s a casual way to “drop hints” that you like them…

#4 Brooklyn Place

The Brooklyn Place is another one of EK’s themed zones. It would be nice to walk along the strip hand in hand with your date while you wallow in the twinkling lights of Eldar’s Symphony at night. It’s as if you’ve truly traveled to one of New York’s famous boroughs!

#5 Magnolia Ice Cream Flavorhouse

Take your date to the Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House along Brooklyn Place to chill out. Surely, you’ll need to recharge and feel refreshed after all that walking and riding, yes?

#6 Rialto

Going on a movie date sure is a Valentine’s date staple but why not give it a twist? Ride the Rialto and you’ll see what we mean!

#7 Agila The EKsperience

What’s more romantic than taking your date to all the beautiful tourist destinations of the Philippines? There’s no need to spend thousands to see all the wonders of the country. With Agila The EKsperience, completing your travel bucket list will be as easy as one, two, three!

#8 Pugad Café

This outdoor coffee shop is another perfect place for you and your date to hang out! The comfortable ambiance goes well with the serenity of the location as it’s not too crowded. It just might be the place where you’ll see something brewing between the two of you…

#9 Wheel of Fate

This is one ride you can’t miss! The Wheel of Fate is one of the go-to rides for dates. Enjoy the 360-view of Enchanted Kingdom and the rest of the Laguna province! The overwhelming sight might lead you to utter “I love (the) view…”

To top it all off, end your romantic date night with the Sky Wizardry fireworks display! Watch the sparks shower the sky with different colors—and see your date’s eyes sparkle in awe. Truly, this is the most magical way to end the night.

We have shared with you the top nine romantic spots at Enchanted Kingdom but we’ll leave it to you and your date to discover more!

For more ideas on how to spend a romantic getaway at Enchanted Kingdom, check out The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date at Enchanted Kingdom and get to know more about our exclusive month of love offerings.

Come and experience the perfect date at Enchanted Kingdom!

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