8 Things People Love About EK’s Agila: The EKsperience

Agila The EKsperience

Your ticket to a magical flight of a lifetime.

From the time you scan your Agila card to enter its grounds until the time you go back to the main area of the park, Agila: The EKsperience is one attraction that will keep you in a state of EKscitement and wonder. We’ve asked some park goers who experienced the magic what they liked about Agila and we condensed and compiled them into this list, in no particular order. *Minor Spoiler Alert*




  1. Majestic Building

 You have to crane your neck all the way up to try to figure out what exactly Agila is. And even then, you would have a hard time to see the big picture. No, the building does not look like a Philippine Eagle. From afar (it can be seen from the South Luzon Expressway), it looks like an ordinary sports stadium. But standing right next to it, one can see that it is a one of a kind glass building that you can’t help but take a picture of, and take a picture with. With yellow pillars all around it, it kind of looks like an oversized toy top.
It turns out, the structure itself, if seen from an Agila’s eye view (top view), is built to resemble the sun in the Philippine flag, with its 8 rays even! Capturing it fully in all its majestic grandeur is one extra challenge.


  1. Talking to Eldar

We usually see Eldar the magical wizard roaming around the streets of the park, occasionally greeting numerous park goers. Other times, you can visit him in his workshop at a set time. We can also hear his voice all over the park from time to time, greeting park goers and making announcements. So what makes this extra special and why is talking to Eldar one of the things people liked about Agila? Lend me your ear, because if we tell you, we’d have to… just kidding. You’d just have to find out about this when you visit Agila. But one word, Awe-Mazing!

Eldars Workshop in one of the pre-shows at Agila:the EKsperience


  1. PUGAD

In line with its commitment to promoting Philippine pride, EK opens the doors to Agila’s crib, PUGAD. Just like how Agila:The EKsperience brings the country’s top tourist spots together, Pugad aims to gather all the home-grown products from all over the Philippines to one location.


Pugad is actually the merchandise-selling section/souvenir shop of Agila:The EKsperience. But aside from the shirts and other common souvenir items, locally made products are also featured here.


  1. Large Screen

In regular cinemas, the viewers need to buy their tickets in advance to have the best seat in the house. If you choose wrongly, or in most cases, left with no choice, you would have to endure the whole movie experience craning your neck or squinting your eyes.

Agila:the EKsperience lets you enjoy the short film wherever you may be seated, thanks to its 544-sq meter screen, said to be the largest in Southeast Asia.



  1. Edutainment = Education + Entertainment

Watching a 6-minute film of Philippine tourist spots may sound tedious, and may feel more like a school assignment than a theme park attraction. Good thing Enchanted Kingdom turned your boring geography quiz into a flight of a lifetime. Students coming out of the flying theater look like they have just gone from a field trip to another world, leaving them utterly speechless! And aside from the life-like experience, a sense of pride in the beauty of their country is unknowingly planted in their hearts.





  1. Life-like Flying Sensation

Similar to the sensations experienced in the Rialto Theater wherein the audience also experience the same rolling feeling in their seats when characters onscreen get tossed around, Agila:the EKsperience goes above and beyond by letting the guest experience a flight of a lifetime.

Whatever you imagined flying above the sea, land and gliding in the air, complete with mist from the clouds, splash of the sea water, and the fragrance of the flowers. That’s precisely the feeling you get when you take flight with the Agila, probably.


  1. The Mural

Waiting but not waiting at Agila:the EKsperience

The floor to ceiling mural showing a glimpse of the beauty of the Philippines is painted vividly, making it look like a glass aquarium, or a glass window looking out to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The mural often serves as a photo wall for passengers waiting in line. This, combined with the LED screen that shows the history of AGILA: The EKsperience makes the wait seem faster and lessens the boredom of the people going into the flying theater.


  1. Mag-Anak (a Driftwood Sculpture of the Eagle Family)

(Click here for more detailed narrative about the fascinating story behind Mag-Anak)

Another eye-catching attraction within the attraction is the Mag-Anak, a sculpture of an eagle family with the mother and father eagle taking care of their baby eagle. It is a glimpse of the eagle’s life in the wild, brought to life by master craftsman James Doran Webb from scattered driftwood he collected or purchased from wood gatherers.

Because of the overwhelming presence of the mural, the sculpture would probably catch your eye a little later. But once it does, you’d wish that you could also fly so you can see it up close. Mounted 6 meters above the ground, Mag-Anak perfectly captures the majestic presence of the Philippine eagle. It is like a family guardian looking over all the park goers waiting to ride the Agila.




20 of the Best Tourist Spots of the Philippines

Of course, this is what everyone loves about the Agila. That’s why it gets the special mention. Compressed in a 6-minute film that will leave you clamoring for more, 20 of the many tourist spots in the Philippines are shown in a different way. Have you ever been up close and personal with Mayon Volcano?

It is far from the postcard perfect photos or even videos we see on the internet, because well, flying above and through each tourist spot is really a one of a kind adventure. And something that no words can describe accurately, so you just have to EKsperience it yourself.

Visit Agila: The EKsperience today at Enchanted Kingdom or log on to www.enchantedkingdom.ph.

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