5 Insanely Awesome Rides You Mustn’t Have Tried Yet


Are you an ultimate thrill seeker? Get ready to step inside Enchanted Kingdom and check out and experience the most thrilling rides the park has to offer!

Back when Enchanted Kingdom wasn’t even an idea, Filipinos used to just see thrilling rides on TV. The roller coaster and ferris wheel in the occasional perya were the most exciting attractions we have ever experienced, unless you have been to theme parks in another country. Thankfully, that is just a distant memory now, and EK has been here long enough to have a lot of heart stopping attractions to offer.

We have listed here the 5 Insanely EKciting awesome rides that would get your adrenaline rushing.

5. Disk-o-Magic

The Disk-O-Magic is a fun and breathtaking family ride that takes its riders on a spinning and rocking adventure of motion. This state-of-the art ride from Italy has 24 motorcycle-like pedestal seats that maximize visual impact for onlookers and riders alike. EKsperience the feel of being thrown out of your seat but pulled back just as you are about to fly out. A safe ride but not for your nerves.

4. Air Race

Pilot your own plane and race against gravity in this exhilarating Air Race ride. Boasting of six planes famous for its simulation of acrobatic exhibition flights, this thriller ride banks, loops, dives, and mimics weightlessness as each plane rotates either 180 degrees or 360 degrees while revolving around a central tower. Just watching this ride is enough to tie your stomach in knots.

3. Space Shuttle

Taking the extreme to space levels, the Space Shuttle gives a whole new meaning to roller coaster ride. This roller coaster ride does not just move up and down, it turns guests upside down a total of 6 times! The whole ride takes only two minutes but with its out of this world twists and turns, get ready for the longest two minutes of your life.

2. EKstreme Tower

If the name itself would not get your heart thumping quicker than normal, riding it would definitely do the job. Taking the riders to a height of almost 40 meters, it is the best site to view the whole park. But like all things of this world, #walangforever and just as you start enjoying the view, EKstreme Tower would suddenly and quickly bring you back down at a speed of 76 kph! ..leaving you no time to scream!

1. Agila: The EKsperience

Agila: The EKsperience is the first and only flying theater in Southeast Asia. It features pioneering and patented motion theater technology stimulating the flight of an eagle. It highlights twenty of the country’s stunning destinations within a six-minute feature 7D film all captured through aerial videography in intensely clear 6K resolution to give the riders an immersive and interactive viewing experience.

Enjoy all these and more at Enchanted Kingdom, where the magic lives on and stays with you.

Know more about our other exciting rides and attractions here. http://www.enchantedkingdom.ph/rides-and-attractions/

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