Enchanted Kingdom’s EGGciting Easter is a tribute to the Philippine Eagle

On March 27 Easter Sunday, Enchanted Kingdom’s (EK) “EGGciting Easter” celebrates this well-loved tradition with a twist: it also pays tribute to the endangered Philippine Eagle. From 3 pm onwards, EK offers unbeatable fun where kids also learn about our majestic eagle through EK’s unique mix of edutainment: Egg Hunting, Agila Storytelling, an Eaglet costume contest, Egg Decorating, a Magic Show, a Candy and Chocolate buffet and many more Ekciting afternoon treats. The egg hunt itself will require wit and creativity as kids search for hidden eagle eggs scattered around Boulderville, EK’s theme zone filled with kiddie rides & play structures that capture every child’s imagination. Gear up your children in eagle costumes so they can join for free, and learn fascinating facts about the country’s magnificent Eagle in engaging ways.

This is part of the theme park’s initiatives to build public awareness and compassion of the urgent plight of our national bird. With only 400 pairs left on the planet, and all found only in the Philippine forests, our Philippine Eagle has now been declared as critically endangered. By adding an educational slant to fun activities such as this, EK aims to inspire compassionate support among the younger generation for preserving the future of the great Philippine eagle, symbol of the Filipino’s indomitable spirit to soar above all circumstances.

Easter marks a joyful celebration that families look forward to, and Enchanted Kingdom’s “Eggciting Easter” is an exciting option without the hassle of a long drive. Just less than an hour away from Manila, EK is an enjoyable and easy day trip for all ages.

Opening Hours
Sunday11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thursday12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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